Moving forward

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Silence enables Violence.

It's very clear that violence is the root cause of this conflict. Violence begets violence. In this theater there are two parties that dictate the fate of all the people in that region. Israeli policymakers that use violence as an excuse for security and Palestinian militants that use violence to be heard. Unfortunately, violence is the only language understood by both parties and they have successfully drowned out the voice of reason. I'm so tired of the term "moderate." There is an elected Palestinian leadership that has spoken, in Arabic and English to the people--violence is not the way.

The Palestinian people are being misunderstood and misled by violence. The violence that engulfs their daily lives misleads them to think that violence is the only way. They are misunderstood as a people that espouse violence as a means of resistance when just surviving day to day under occupation is resistance. I know, I lived there.

It's becoming harder and harder to speak out, organize and effect change when violence continues to rule. So many children being killed, so many children being orphaned, so many parents burying children... more lives being wrought with hate. The whole world is watching, and, blood is all the camera wants. The voices and images of reason and peace are silenced to the eyes of the world. It's very frustrating. Seems like it's futile to keep trying to be heard... but we have to keep trying.

We have to raise our voices against violence no matter who is responsible for it.